Understanding the role of a Tutor




A tutor is a highly qualified professional and experienced individual who assists students academically. Whether they are struggling in a particular subject or wishing to excel in another, a tutor will assist, evaluate, motivate, develop and integrate their students learning.

Tutors tend to go to their student’s home and tutor them often on a one to one basis.

Many families choose to hire a tutor: to assist their children to improve their English language, to boost their grades at school, they wish for them to pass exams, gain entry into an international school or assist with homework.


  • A tutor provides one to one classes to students within their home.
  • A qualified tutor will have a teaching background or extensive work experience with excellent subject specific knowledge.
  • A tutor may be required to teach their student English as a Foreign language, prepare students for entry into leading schools, colleges and universities or tutor a range of subjects and languages, such as Maths, Science and French following an international curriculum.
  • A tutor must be professional but at the same time friendly and approachable.
  • A tutor must be an excellent communicator, with the ability to build a rapport with their students.
  • A tutor must be patient and have the ability to motivate their students, be passionate about what they teach and provide a positive learning environment.


A tutor may be employed full time by a family or work part time for a number of families. Part Time Tutors  are responsible for arranging and managing their own schedules. A full time tutor works on average between 35 – 40 hours a week.


On average full time tutors can earn between £800 – £1300 per week dependent on age, experience and qualifications.

On average Part Time tutors can earn between £40 – £100 per 60 minute session depending on age, experience and qualifications.