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Technology is ok!

Technology comes with benefits. 

It is totally acceptable to allow time for technology.

There are benefits to handing over the tablet with many fantastic apps and Youtube channels available bringing many learning opportunities.

We always recommend parental settings are in place and time on technology is limited.

*These are not all tried and tested by Duke & Duchess International. Some have been used by our team and others have been kindly suggested by our highly skilled candidates.

Please do share any resources you love to use, we are happy to keep adding to these fabulous resources for everyone to take advantage of (email [email protected]).

Sharing is caring as we face challenging times and all feel a little anxious about caring, educating, and reassuring our younger generation.


YouTube Channels


Crash course kids

National Geographic Kids

Free School

The world as we know it

The brain scoop


Kids Learning Tube

Girls can be geeks too

Mike like science

Science Max





Dragon Box

Timetables rock stars


Prodigy Kids Maths Games

ICT games

Teach your monster to read

Busy things

Puppet Pals

Hit the button


Monster Physics

Pop Tropica

Cool Math Games

Fish School

Phonics Ninja

Pizza Fractions

Science 360

Nasa Science revealed


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