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The benefits of hiring a nanny

Hiring a nanny is a huge investment in your child’s future.

It has many benefits for their health, wellbeing and education.

Here are our top 10:

  • One-to-one care for your child: Nannies offer dedicated care around the clock and build a strong bond with your child, giving them emotional stability and a trusted figure to turn to. They are in control of what your child learns, their schedule, what they eat, and can tailor their routines to help with any developmental or educational needs.
  • A trusted individual – handpicked by you: A good nanny will integrate quickly into your home and will know your child inside out. They will share your desire to do the very best for your child and will be able to identify any early problems such as sickness, changes in behaviour or issues with learning.
  • Routine and structure: Nannies provide structure to your child’s day and get them used to routine. They will take care of meal times, bath times, dressing etc, ensuring your child is ready for the day ahead. In the evening they will ensure bedtime runs smoothly, providing a calm and relaxed environment for your child.
  • Flexibility: Nannies can tailor their day around the needs of your child and arrange activities to suit their energy levels and mood. They will instil routine and discipline but can adapt activities where necessary in order to nurture and develop new talents and interests.
  • Sickness is not an issue: If your child is ill you can relax in the knowledge that they will be cared for by someone who knows them well. It also means you do not have to take any time off work/change pre-existing plans.
  • Travel at ease: A nanny can travel with you, whether for business or pleasure, meaning routines, care and standards, and education remain in place wherever you are in the world.
  • On hand knowledge and support: Duke and Duchess International only offer the most experienced, highly-qualified nannies. Our extensive experience means we can seamlessly guide you as a parent and confidently support the more ‘difficult’ phases of childhood like potty training and other developmental milestones, providing you with advice and support throughout.
  • They can help to teach your child another language: Many families hire British nannies. This can help your child learn a new language from the earliest opportunity and also has the advantage of helping them to learn about British etiquette from someone with a high standard of education. Click here for more on the benefits of being bilingual.
  • A calm, orderly household: Many nannies are live-in. This means they can take care of your children’s breakfast and the morning routine, allowing you time to prepare for your day with no distractions. They will also help tidy up after your child, clearing away toys and activities.
  • Organisation: A nanny will organise your child’s schedule, managing things like appointments and extra-curricular classes. They will ensure your child has all the equipment they need for school and help keep your child’s clothes, personal items and play spaces clean and in order. They can provide you with regular reports and updates on your child’s daily activities and achievements, and will maintain close contact with their school.

Duke and Duchess International have many years’ experience of matching families with their perfect nanny. To find out more or speak to one of our team click here.

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