A Governess  was a popular and common role in the past when women were employed to teach and train children in private households. The most famous Governess role which maybe familiar is that of ‘Mary Poppins’. In contrast to a nanny, a governess concentrated on teaching children, not on meeting their physical needs.

Modern day governesses and governors have slightly different roles to their traditional counterparts. They are highly-educated individuals who fill the role of both teacher and academic mentor for the children.

This role has remained hugely popular, recently there has been a resurgence in this role in wealthy families around Europe but has remained hugely popular in wealthy households in the Middle East and Russia.



  • A Governess is a teacher and academic mentor to children in private households whereby they supplement or replace their school education.
  • A Governess promotes intellectual, educational and social development.
  • A Governess coordinates and provides leisure activities, extra curriculum and educational excursions.
  • A Qualified British Governess will have a teaching background or have higher childcare education and a minimum of 3 years professional childcare or teaching experience.
  • A Bilingual Governess teaches a second language (French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc).
  • A Governess may also specialise and teach Music, Arts, Sports or Languages.
  • A Governess is expected to teach etiquette and promote good manners and behaviour


Each family will create a schedule and shift pattern unique to them. On average most governesses work approximately 8 to 10 hours a day usually with 2 days off. Different shift patterns such as ‘sleep in’ can sometimes be agreed. It is normally expected that a Governess will travel with the family.


On average most governesses earn between £800 – £1300 pw dependent on age, experience and qualifications.


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