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Why choose a British Education?

Revered across the world for its high standards, the British education system is the number one choice for many international families.

Its heritage and history are like those of no other country, and it has a proud tradition of producing some of the world’s greatest minds.

Whether at well-known schools like Eton or Harrow, or lesser known – but equally high-quality – prep schools, the numbers of international pupils are on the rise.

The highest number of international pupils come from Hong Kong, China and the Middle East, but the number coming from Russia more than doubled between 2007 and 2014, according to the Independent Schools Council, the body which oversees the UK’s fee-paying schools.

There are numerous reasons that international families choose a British education but here we take a look at the most popular:

  • High standards/excellent results: Academic standards at British schools are high with pupils achieving excellent results. This is the result of a structured curriculum which focuses on the core subjects of English, maths and science, but also enables pupils to excel in the areas that they are passionate about.
    British grades are recognised and respected by top universities around the world, including the likes of Yale and Harvard. They are also valued by employers in all parts of the globe so a British education opens doors to many opportunities.
  • Independent thinking is encouraged: Pupils don’t just memorise reams of information to be repeated during tests and exams, they are taught to think about subjects from different perspectives and learn the art of critical thinking.
    Debate and discussion are encouraged, resulting in confident, articulate pupils who feel able to put their views forward in an eloquent fashion.
    Pupils are also encouraged to follow their passions in a wealth of extra-curricular activities. Whether it be sport, music or arts, UK schools have some of the finest facilities anywhere in the world.
  • A focus on manners and respect: British schools not only teach the academic subjects but have a clear focus on creating polite, well-mannered individuals. Respect for authority is key, with most schools having a strict uniform policy, which encourages routine, discipline and helps to foster the sense of community within the school.
    Pupils at British schools not only learn how to read and write English, they learn how to ‘be’ English, through immersing themselves in the manners and customs around them.
  • An international outlook: British schools attract pupils from some of the most prestigious families in the world. As well as learning British customs and traditions your child will be surrounded by fellow international students, creating a truly global learning experience. They will have peers from around the world who may well go on to become lifelong friends, meaning they will have connections around the world as they grow older and branch out into the world of business.
  • Heritage and tradition: Many British fee-paying schools are located in some of the country’s most beautiful historic buildings. Eton, for example, was founded in 1440 and has property, including its famous chapel, which dates from this time.
    Harrow was founded in 1572 and, like many other British schools, is surrounded by hundreds of acres of leafy countryside.
    With this history comes a proud sense of tradition. Your child will become part of an elite institution, which will be respected around the world. Alumni from Britain’s top schools include: Winston Churchill (Harrow), Kate Middleton (Marlborough College), Andrew Lloyd Webber (Westminster School) and Richard Branson (Stowe School).

Duke & Duchess International places a high emphasis on the level of care and education offered by our extremely skilled and qualified teachers, tutors, governors and governesses who are able to offer subject mentoring, exam preparation, and assistance into UK and international schools and universities. For further details on the excellent candidates available please contact our team.

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