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Example Personal Statement

I am a well educated, and qualified teacher with a great deal of experience as a Governess and Private Tutor in the UK, EU and the Middle East.

I have been teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and full curriculums (British and American), at language schools and for private families (including VVIPs and royalty) since 2002. I have also taught at mainstream educational establishments in the UK, teaching a range of classes and levels within English departments following the National Curriculum, including pre-school, Key Stages 1-4, G.C.S.E. English, A-Level Language, A-Level Literature, and A-Level Critical Thinking.

Teaching is my calling and I love what I do. Whilst I am proud to train teachers and make them better at their jobs, I find teaching children directly most fulfilling. I find the relationships I build when teaching one-to-one really satisfying and thoroughly enjoy mentoring my students to encourage them to grow and develop into well-rounded children. I am still in touch with many of my ex-students; they keep me updated with their news and achievements.